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Win up to $10 million banking with Yotta.

Get paid more on your savings plus the chance to win up to $10 million every week. Users have already won over $2.5 million.

Funds are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Inspired by Premium Bonds and Freakonomics.

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Robert won $15
Thanh won $5,000
Hari won $10
Mark won a Tesla!
Nubia won $300
Jordan won $15
Angela won $18
Artem won $218
Kyle won $15
Devon won $15
Fariba won $262
Philip won $10
Matt won $15
Ernest won $18
Josh won $10
Nicholas won $10
Jennifer won $10
Mason won $10
Gregory won $10
Michelle won $300
Justin won $10
Allison won $18

How it works

Yotta gives you weekly chances to win prizes up to $10 million. Just by saving. And the best part is... you can't lose.
Deposit Screen
Make a deposit

Every $25 saved gets you a recurring ticket into weekly number draws.

For example, if you deposit $50 you get 2 tickets every week without needing to make new deposits.

You can withdraw your funds at any time, up to 6x per month.

Numbers Screen
Pick your numbers

Every Monday, pick 7 numbers for each of your tickets.

Don't worry - if you don't make your picks, your tickets will be auto-picked randomly.

Win Screen
Weekly number drawings
Contests are weekly, with one number drawn every night at 9pm ET.

On Sunday, the 7th and final number is drawn, and winnings for the week are determined.
Team Up Screen
Win up to $10M
The more numbers you match, the more money you win.

Match all 7 numbers, and you win the $10 million jackpot.

Win BIG.

Win up to $10 million in weekly number draws. The more you match, the more you win!

Phone Coins

You can’t lose.

Big banks pay almost nothing on your savings. Yotta works with banks that don't have huge marketing budgets and real estate expenses, allowing us to pass on more value to you.

Yotta pays a savings reward of 0.20% no matter what. Plus, you win prizes on top of that. Including the value of prizes, Yotta is competitive with the highest yielding savings accounts out there.
Savings Reward
0.20% + prize value
Weekly $0.01 - $10 million
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You pay nothing.

No hidden fees.
Banks and merchants pay Yotta, so you don’t have to.

You Pay Nothing Phone

Security & support you can trust

Your money is held in an account eligible for pass-through FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through Evolve Bank & Trust
Your account is protected by bank-grade encryption and authentication.
Questions? We’re always here to help. Email

What  users say about Yotta

Apple App Store
App Store Review
This is my first saving app. I love it!
"Never knew saving money could be so easy and even fun! I look forward to the number draws each night."
Google Play Store
Google Play Review
Great value.
“Already won more in the first week than I've ever gotten from a bank!"
Kyle Nekritz
Google Play Store
Google Play Review
Coolest savings app I've used
“Coolest savings app I've used. Didn't win the jackpot last week but oh so close. Goodbye Wells Fargo, hello Y.S.”
Evan Nawrocki
Google Play Store
Google Play Review
Wonderful, easy, secure
"Wonderful app, easy and secure to play."
Nubia Baez
Apple App Store
Google Play Review
I would recommend
"Would 100% recommend for anyone. Fast and Easy way for you to save money. There is no reason not to do this! Save and Win! Absolutely worth doing"
Apple App Store
App Store Review
Awesome concept!
"Really innovative idea and executed well. The app feels very secure with my savings and offers a fun way to earn more than I was in my Bank of America savings account."
Greg L36
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At least a 1 in 250 chance to get the item you just bought for free when you set up direct deposit*.

For in-person purchases at restaurants, it's 1 in 100!
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Jan 3, 2021
Austin, TX

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1) Early access to direct deposit depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer. We generally make these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date. Refer to Yotta's Official Rules for details regarding bonus tickets.