Crypto Buckets

Earn an average 2%+ APY with 1.25x more tickets into our weekly drawings with USDC. Each ticket gets you a chance to win $10 million!

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How it works (USDC)

Move your money into the Crypto Yield Bucket with NO fees. 20% of the USD you move in is automatically converted to digital dollars (USDC stablecoins) so it can be put to work in decentralized markets. The remaining 80% of the funds you move will be kept in FDIC insured USD.

In turn, you'll earn rewards passed on from borrowers, offering one the highest stable yields on the market.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

1.25X the tickets

Get a ticket for every $20 in the Crypto Bucket instead of every $25. Take your excitement every week and your account's APY to the next level

Seamless spending

USDC held in your bucket will automatically exchange at the point of sale. We handle all the complexity, allowing you to keep your money earning higher yield always.

2% average APY

Whether it’s $10 or a zillion dollars, you still receive a ticket for every $20, bringing the implied average APY to 2%. You could earn more or less depending on your luck.


20% of your money is stored in USDC stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies pegged with the United States Dollar.  USDC is backed by fully reserved assets and its reserves are regularly attested by Grant Thornton LLP, one of the largest accounting and advisory firms in the US.

We partner with trusted organizations like Wyre and institutional borrowers through platforms like Genesis to offer much higher yield than a traditional bank.

No fees

Earn higher yield on your Yotta Balance without changing your Yotta experience.

We manage the entire cryptocurrency side for you, allowing you to easily convert back to USD at your convenience within 24 hours. No gas fees, no any fees, just great yield.