Responsible Social Gaming Policy

Version 1.2
Updated: March 11, 2024

Yotta is fully committed to promoting responsible social gaming as a policy of customer care and social responsibility. We aim to provide the most fun, social, and rewarding experience possible while taking appropriate measures to ensure this is done responsibly.

We believe it is our responsibility to our customers to ensure that you enjoy your experience using our products, while remaining fully aware of the potential risks that can be associated with online and mobile gaming if you don’t remain in control.

To ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable play, we fully support responsible social gaming and have put measures in place to assist players who wish to control their play and we reserve the right to activate these measures unilaterally if, in our sole discretion, we consider them necessary.


1.1. Playing online and mobile games should be treated as a fun pastime. Here are some tips to help you maintain control of your gaming:

Keep it fun

1.2. Playing online and mobile games is a form of entertainment, but they should be played in moderation and not to escape reality or for the purpose of generating income through winning prizes.

Don’t spend above your means

1.3. Set a budget for your entertainment and stick to it. Only purchase Yotta Tokens if you can afford to. You can always claim Yotta Tokens to play for free and play with YottaCash via Yotta’s alternative methods of entry (see our Sweepstakes Rules).

Keep track of your playing time

1.4. We’re happy you’re here and we hope that you can continue to enjoy playing, but don’t let gaming take up too much of your time. Just like going to a live sporting event or movie theater, we exist to provide entertainment.

Make use of our gaming management tools

1.5. If you need some time out, you can take a break from playing at any time by following the steps in section 2.

1.6. If you think you may be gaming too often, consider the self-assessment questions in section 3 below.


2.1. We encourage our customers to game responsibly, so we offer a variety of responsible social gaming features.

Session Reminders

2.2. Yotta can assist you to game responsibly by operating a Session Reminder each hour.

2.3. The Session Reminder:

2.3a. suspends play and indicates how long you have been playing;

2.3b. displays your Yotta Token and YottaCash winnings since logging in; and

2.3c. allows you to end the session or continue playing.

Set Daily Limits

2.4. The daily limits function provides you with options to pre-set:

2.4a. how many Yotta Tokens you can purchase each day;

2.4b. the amount of Yotta Tokens and/or YottaCash you play each day;

2.4c. how much time you spend playing each day; and/or

2.4d. the amount of Yotta Tokens and/or YottaCash you will allow yourself to lose each day.

2.5. To pre-set a limit, once you have signed in, select the “Contact Us” link, enter your email address, and send us a message indicating you would like to set daily limits on your account usage.

2.6. We will respond accordingly and do our best to efficiently apply your requested limits or send you a follow up response if further clarification is needed. The limits will not come into effect until they have been fully implemented and this has been communicated to you. If after this you find that the limits have not taken effect, it is your responsibility to please inform us immediately.

2.7. You can change or revoke the limits you have set by sending us a request by selecting the “Contact Us” link on the platform, and stating your intention to revoke the previously imposed limits.

Self-Exclusion and Account Closure Options

2.8. If you want to preemptively exclude yourself from the platform so that you are unable to create a Customer Account, or choose to exclude yourself from the platform after account creation, you can email your request to The email must include your full name, residential address, email address and age to allow us to block you from registering and playing on the Yotta platform in the future. The self-exclusion can only be lifted 7 days after we receive your written email requesting to reverse your previous request of self-exclusion.

2.9. We will apply your self-exclusion as soon as practically possible, however, please note that this process takes a reasonable working period to implement. We will not consider the self-exclusion period as having commenced until it has been implemented by us and communicated to you. If after this you find that you can still access the Yotta platform, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately.

2.10. During a self-exclusion period, you will not have any access to the Yotta platform. If you require access to your account history and information you will need to email Customer Support.

2.11. At the conclusion of a Definite Self-Exclusion, your access to the Yotta platform will be reinstated.

2.12. When an Indefinite Self-Exclusion is applied, it will only be possible to reopen your account by making a written email request to Customer Support via this form. The Indefinite Self-Exclusion will only be lifted 7 days after the email request is received by us.

2.13. Once the self-exclusion is applied, you will no longer receive any further marketing materials from us. We strongly recommend that you also seek exclusion from all other social gaming platforms you have an active account with. If you use social media channels, you should take steps to ensure that you don’t view or receive any news or updates from.

2.14. We may exclude you from the Yotta platform for a definite or indefinite period at our sole discretion if there are reasons to indicate that you may have a social gaming problem.

Permanent Account Closure

2.15. You may choose to close your account. If you wish to do so, provide a written email request to Customer Support at

2.16. We reserve the right to refuse or close a Customer Account in our sole discretion, but any contractual obligations already made by us will be honored accordingly.

Amending or Revoking Limits and Self-Exclusions

2.17. Where you contact us to change any daily limits you have set:

  • 2.17a. a request for an increase to a limitation will come into effect immediately;
  • 2.17b. a request to decrease or remove a financial limitation will be effective only after the lapse of 5 days from the date we receive the request; and
  • 2.17c. a request to decrease or remove a time limitation will come into effect only after the lapse of 5 days of our receipt of the request.

2.18. Where you contact us to make changes to a self-exclusion which is in effect:

  • 2.18a. a request for an increase of a self-exclusion will be effective immediately upon our receipt of the request;
  • 2.18b. a request for a decrease of a definite period of self-exclusion will be effective only after the lapse of 5 days from the date we receive the request; and
  • 2.18c. a request to revoke a period of self-exclusion will be effective only after the lapse of 7 days from the date we receive the request.


3.1. If you think your or someone else’s gaming is becoming problematic, then it may be handy to consider the self-assessment questions below.

  • 3.1a. Do you often re-live gaming experiences or think about future ones?
  • 3.1b. Do you hide or lie about your gaming?
  • 3.1c. Do you get very angry when someone or something interrupts a game?
  • 3.1d. Have you ever taken a break from gaming and binged uncontrollably upon your return?
  • 3.1e. When upset, do you soothe yourself with games or plans to game?
  • 3.1f. Do you find yourself gaming in the early morning?
  • 3.1g. Do you find ways to game when away from home?
  • 3.1h. Do you set limits with gaming and then break them, playing hours longer than intended?
  • 3.1i. Do you lose hours of sleep to gaming?
  • 3.1k. Have you sworn off a game, deleted your account, and later returned to it?
  • 3.1l. Do you feel guilt and shame around your gaming?
  • 3.1m. Does gaming contribute to arguments in your relationships?
  • 3.1n. Has gaming taken the place of any hobbies or sports you used to enjoy?
  • 3.1o. Do you forget appointments, responsibilities or deadlines in work or school when gaming?
  • 3.1p. Do you become irritated and defensive when people suggest you might be gaming too much?
  • 3.1q. Have your hours spent gaming increased over time?
  • 3.1r. Do you blow off social events to game?
  • 3.1s. Have you lost contact with friends and family since gaming?
  • 3.1t. Do you have intense feelings (highs, lows, anger, fear) while gaming?

3.2. The more questions that you answer “yes” to, the more likely it is that you are having difficulties with your gaming. To speak with someone who can give you advice and support, please contact the Support Organization referred to in section 4.


4.1. Should you wish to access help and support services for people who have been adversely affected by gaming, we advise you to get in touch with the Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA) using the following email address:

4.2. Important: Please note that the CGAA is an independent problem gaming support service and is NOT in any way affiliated with Yotta. The CGAA does NOT provide customer support or dispute resolution services. Should you wish to discuss any matter or complaint related to your account, you can do so by contacting us using this form.


Principles of Gameplay

5.1 Randomness: Remember that game round outcomes are completely random. Results cannot be predicted and are independent of past or future outcomes.

5.2 Return to Player (RTP): This is the average return on the winnings and prizes over the lifetime of a slot-type game. I.e., if a slot type has an 8% advantage, then the average RTP will be 92%.

5.3 Advantage: All casino-type games are designed with a slight advantage that favors the operator.


6.1 “I'm due for a win” - You cannot predict when you're going to win. All outcomes are random.

6.2 “I always win with my lucky charm and pre-game ritual” - Although they might be fun, charms and rituals don't affect your chances of winning. All outcomes are random.

6.3 “The longer I play, the more chance I'll win” - Time spent has no effect on your chances of winning. All outcomes are random.

6.4 “These Games have been rigged” - The Random Number Generator (RNG) used in all Yotta games has been independently certified by Gaming Labs International, who confirmed that the RNG uses a well-known algorithm to generate random numbers. 


Yotta has identity checks in place to mitigate and prevent the risk of underage gameplay on our Platform.

7.1 If you share your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer with friends or family who are under the legal age to participate in online social gameplay, we recommend that you restrict their access to our Platform by using one of the below services:

  • - filtering software that protects children from inappropriate web content.
  • - filtering software that allows parents to add their own sites to block.