Credit Card

Up to a 2% chance to get anything you buy for FREE. Plus 20% tickets back. INSTANT notifications.

Please note that our Credit Cards are currently out of stock. We will have them back in stock soon! Check back here for future updates.

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A 2%* chance of getting your next purchase paid for by Yotta for free., including on dining.

Use your card at one of our partner Lucky Deal merchants and get even better odds of up to 20%.

20% Tickets BACK

Get a bonus ticket into next week's $10 million sweepstakes for every $5 you spend with your card.

Build your credit with every swipe

We will report every swipe to the credit bureaus to improve your credit score with every purchase.

No interest or fees

No interest or fees. Your limit is your Yotta balance, meaning you can never get into debt. Payments will always be on time and run in the background. No fees, ever.

2,000 Bonus tickets

Spend $2,000 in your first four months and earn 2,000 bonus tickets in the next contest.

MasterCard Zero Liability Protection

Your card is backed by MasterCard Zero Liability Protection, so you're never on the hook for unauthorized purchases if you lose your card or it gets stolen.