Set goals, track spending, lock savings, setup recurring transfers, withdrawal order and more with Yotta's Buckets.

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Yotta is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Thread Bank; Members FDIC and Synapse Brokerage LLC Program Banks. Number drawings RNG certified by Gaming Labs International.

Allocate your savings

Customize savings buckets for whatever you are saving for. A vacation, a car, college -- Yotta makes planning for your financial future easy and fun.

Set goals

Set deadlines for hitting your targets. Track your progress toward meeting your savings goals. Easily transfer between buckets as your priorities change.

Lock Buckets

Lock a bucket to prevent withdrawals or spending from that bucket. Set it and forget it.

Setup recurring transfers

Take your finances to the next level and automate transfers to and from buckets to budget and grow your savings.

Oh and in case you were wondering...

Buckets have no effect on your tickets