Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete a Venmo Account

Do you have a Venmo account that you no longer need? Closing and deleting a Venmo account can be done in a few steps. Learn them here.

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Adam Moelis
Nov 15, 2021
4 Min Read

You probably know about Venmo by now. It's a highly popular financial app that lets you transfer money between two people.

If you need to send money to a friend, pay someone back, or contribute to a group, Venmo is a convenient way to do it. But new financial apps are popping up all the time.

If you've found an app you like better, you may want to delete your account. It's not hard to do. We'll walk you through it.

Here are the steps for deleting a Venmo account.

Reasons to Close a Venmo Account

You may have created a Venmo account because everyone has one, but you don't use it anymore. If that's the case, it's just taking up storage on your phone or computer.

You don't have to keep your account active. You can delete it at any time. If you found a digital wallet you prefer, you may not need Venmo.

If you never use it or prefer something else, you may want to deactivate a Venmo account.

What to Do Before Closing Your Account

Before you try to delete your account, make sure you know what funds are still available. Take the time to transfer any remaining funds before you do anything else.

You can transfer the money to your bank account or another person before closing the account. If you skip this step, those funds are unavailable unless you contact Venmo directly.

If you transfer funds, wait for the transaction to complete. Closing the account doesn't mean your money will be transferred to your bank account. You have to do this yourself.

Once you transfer any leftover funds, keep a copy of the transaction history for your records. In compliance with federal regulations, Venmo should send you an email containing your transaction history.

Closing Your Venmo Account

If you are ready to close out your Venmo account, here are the steps to follow. If any of these steps don't seem to be working properly, contact Venmo support.

Log In to Your Venmo Account

Log in using your Venmo password. If you've forgotten it, request a new one so you can access your account. If you've used the app recently, the password may be stored for easy access.

Once you've successfully logged in to your account, you can access the closing feature.

Transfer Your Balance

As we mentioned before, transferring your remaining balance is an important step. You cannot fully close out your account if funds are still available.

Transfers may take a few business days to complete. You will need to wait until you receive notice of a transfer to continue.

Delete Your Venmo Account

Go to the account settings. At the bottom of the page, you'll see "Close my Venmo account." Click "Next."

Venmo will prompt you to view your most recent statement. Once you review it, click "Close Account" once more.

Check Your Email

When you finish the above steps, your account will be closed. But there is one more step to ensure the account is permanently closed.

Check your email for one last message from Venmo. There should be a goodbye message and a detailed transaction history.

Deleting an Account for Someone Deceased

If a loved one has passed away and had an active Venmo account, you can close it on their behalf. Venmo will approve this if you are legally responsible for an individual's digital affairs after they die.

If you are closing the account for a deceased individual, here are the steps to take.

Log Into Their Account

If you have access to the deceased individual's username and email but not the password, you can try to reset their password. You can also try logging in using their phone.

If the Venmo app is on their phone, you can change the login details. Then, you'll have access from a computer to complete the process.

Contact Venmo

There's not a policy in place for family members to follow. If you cannot access your loved one's account, contact Venmo at 855-812-4430.

Explain the situation. They may direct you to fax or email proof, such as a death certificate or your ID. They will require evidence that proves you're in charge of the deceased person's digital legacy.

Venmo Closing FAQ's

Combing through Venmo's terms of service can be tricky. Here are some common questions about closing out a Venmo account.

Can I Delete My Account From My Computer?

Yes, you can. Venmo is a digital wallet that stores a great deal of personal and financial information. Using your personal computer is the best way to handle the transaction.

If multiple people are using your computer, make sure your passwords are complex or that you fully delete the app to avoid hacking.

How Do I Delete My Venmo Transaction History?

You cannot delete your transaction history, but you can choose to make them private. Go to "Settings" and click on "Privacy."

Then, you can adjust your settings so only you and the person you are sending money to can see the information.

How Do I Delete My Bank Account Information From the App?

You can delete bank account information from Venmo. Go to your account. You will see an icon with three horizontal bars.

From there, you can go to "Settings" and then "Payment Methods." Click on the payment information or bank account you wish to delete. Tap "Remove Bank." That should delete the payment information.

Deleting Your Venmo Account

Deleting your Venmo account isn't difficult. It only takes a few steps to delete the app. Whether you're closing the account for yourself or a deceased loved one, it's important to follow the correct steps.

You want to make sure you transfer any remaining funds and protect all personal financial details.

Our goal is to help Americans become more financially secure in a fun, rewarding, and responsible way. Get started today.

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