All About the Second Chance Lottery

Are you thinking about taking your chances with the second chance lottery? Learn all you can about what the second chance lottery involves here.

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Adam Moelis
Sep 17, 2021
7 min read

If you play the lottery, you may want to throw your losing tickets on the ground and move on with your life. After all, life's too short to focus on your losses.

But what if those losses weren't losses at all? What if you had a second chance?

Out of the 44 states with lottery programs, 43 of them offer a Second Chance Lottery program. That means every ticket you buy has the potential to earn you cash and prizes - even if it's a loser at first. I bet you're regretting tossing all of those tickets on the ground now!

But how does a Second Chance Lottery work? If you already play lotto, read on to learn about how you can cash in your losing lottery ticket for cash, gift cards, or prizes! Even if you haven't won the jackpot, here's how to become a lottery winner on the second attempt!

What Exactly Is the Second Chance Lottery?

We're all aware that state lotteries exist so that the state can make money. Pretty much every aspect of the lotto brings in cash that can lead to community improvements. Yes, the second chance lottery is a way for the state to milk every game for all its worth, but that might actually make it easier for you to win something incredible!

Second Chance Lotteries exist so that states can continue selling tickets for as long as possible. By law, they cannot continue selling tickets once someone has claimed the top prize. If the state reserves one prize for a final drawing, however, they can draw out ticket sales until they've made some more cash.

Often, states will wait until people claim most of the smaller prizes. Not only do they make money on ticket sales, but they can bring in money each time a winner pays taxes on their prize. It may be a cash grab, but that doesn't mean that it can't benefit you!

When the state finally stops selling tickets and decides to raffle off the top prize, that's the Second Chance Lottery.

How Do You Enter the Second Chance Lottery?

While rules always vary by state, you're typically entered into the Second Chance Lottery as soon as you buy a ticket and lose. You don't need the winning lottery numbers to claim a second chance prize, but the state also won't come knocking at your door to offer you a million dollars! Some action is necessary on your part.

While every non-winning ticket is eligible for the second chance drawing, you need to submit the losing ticket to play. The way to do this will vary based on state. Many states have an online system where you can register your losing tickets.

Entering tickets into an online system is pretty intuitive. You will follow the instructions on the screen and enter information from the ticket when prompted. The website will ask for your name, date of birth, and email address.

Some states make it easier, allowing you to scan tickets into the system using your phone's camera.

Other states make it a lot harder to claim those second chance prizes. You may have to mail tickets to a physical address. They may also ask you to go to the lottery office in person or drop losing tickets off in a designated bin.

In many cases, you may have more than one way to enter. Check the rules for your specific state to learn the easiest way to play.

What Can You Win?

Still deciding whether entering the Second Chance Lottery is worth your while? The prizes are pretty sweet and, since you're already technically entered in the lottery, there's no reason not to claim them for yourself!

Most cash prizes range between $500 and $1 Million. These drawings aren't limited to cash, however. You can win many other prizes, ranging from high-end appliances to event tickets, to cars!

Some states make it even easier to win, making it less of a drawing and more of a rewards program. It's possible to earn points for each lottery ticket that you enter, which you can then redeem for prizes of your choice. If you have ever redeemed credit card reward points for prizes, the process is similar.

Every so often you'll find out you're a winner, only to claim a "swag bag" full of low-valued prizes you might prefer to recycle. Other times, the prize is a corvette! The mystery is part of the allure, so don't quit before you start!

Sure, it takes a little bit of extra effort, but it almost seems like the state is dying to give these extra prizes away!

What Are the Odds?

What are the odds of matching the winning lottery numbers exactly? It's hard to say for sure, but they are definitely worse than the odds of winning anything in the second chance lottery!

If you're reading this, you may be learning about the Second Chance Lottery for the first time. While the lottery itself is well advertised, the second chance drawing remains a best-kept secret. With fewer people playing, your odds of winning are significantly better.

Why don't more people play? That little bit of extra effort required is still too much work for some people. Once you've seen how simple it is to enter your lotto information into the online system, you'll be kicking yourself for not making the effort sooner.

Another reason is a lack of patience. You may have to wait weeks or months before the state closes a game. I don't know about you, but I don't mind waiting a few extra weeks to claim a big cash prize!

The truth is, the odds vary by game and by state. Your odds increase in situations in which it's harder to enter the second chance lottery because fewer people will make the effort.

How About Powerball and Mega Millions?

Although you might not be able to enter a second chance drawing through the state, you might still have a second chance to win big with a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket. These lotteries don't always offer cash prizes to second chance winners, but they're a great way to rack up physical prizes, like trips!

Every losing ticket is a chance. If you play lotto every week, you can increase your odds by increasing the number of tickets that you buy. Consider using your $5 weekly lotto budget on five $1 tickets, which will buy you five entries into the second chance drawing!

Yes, this does mean entering five separate losing tickets into the system and bugging the salesperson. Even so, it's a great way to increase your odds and take home some well-deserved prizes in the process!

What Happens When You Win?

Most of us have never won more than a few bucks, which we claimed at the cash register. When you win a large prize, however, you need to know the right way to claim it. Follow the instructions carefully and, if the prize is large, you may want to consult a lawyer or tax specialist before you do anything.

For the most part, winning any lottery drawing over $600 requires you to physically go to the lottery office. You may have to call and schedule an appointment in advance. You will need to bring a valid form of government-issued ID and any claim forms required by your specific state.

Don't forget to sign your now-winning ticket before you go to collect your winnings! You don't want to lose a million dollars or a sports car because of a stiff breeze or sticky fingers. In addition to your ID and paperwork, you must present the signed ticket when claiming a large prize in person.

No matter what you win, your name will become public record, so be cautious of unusual attention.

Most importantly, enjoy it! Cash and prizes won in a second chance lottery are no less impressive than a prize won during the first round! Plus, there is no reason why you can't win more than once, so keep on playing and keep your fingers crossed!

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