Credit Builder

Use our Credit Builder bucket to build your credit score and earn bonus tickets through simple, automatic payments.

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Apply with one click

No hard credit check. If approved, you get $1,000 deposited into your Credit Builder Bucket.

Build your credit score

Build credit history with each on-time payment. You pay $55 every month for 24 months. We report each payment to all three credit bureaus every month.

Similar products have seen users improve their credit score by 42+ points within 60 days.

Extra Tickets every week

Funds are held in a special locked bucket. You earn 40 tickets every week into the Yotta sweepstakes.

Unlock your savings

Once you've paid off the loan, the Credit Builder bucket is unlocked and you get access to the entire loan amount of $1,000.

Reap the benefits

A higher credit score can save you thousands. You could get lower interest rates and better approval odds for loans, mortgages, and credit cards. Even lower your auto insurance premiums.